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D 263® M Cover glass for microscopy

D 263® M is a clear borosilicate glass that is produced by a draw-down method. This permits the production of very thin glass thicknesses between 0.10 and 0.21 mm.

D 263® M is used as a cover glass for microscopic analyses and complies to all requirements of ISO 8255-1. Its low autofluorescence and high chemical resistance are preconditions for reliable research results.

Due to the protective coating and outstanding quality of material it is easily separable and, therefore, well-suited for automated cover slipping equipment.

D 263® M Cover glass
D 263® M Cover glass


Light and fluorescence microscopy, especially in medical and biological science


  • high spectral transmission
  • refractive index optimized for microscopes 
  • virtually colorless appearance
  • low autofluorescence
  • excellent optical and cosmetic quality
  • good chemical resistance to environmental conditions facilitates long durability in archiving samples
  • low flatmess deviations
  • complies precisely with the set thickness tolerances
  • low alkali content enables cell growth
  • good wettability on both glass surfaces
  • protective coating facilitates automated separation of individual cover glasses in coverslippers


Technical data (Source: SCHOTT AG)

Light transmission ƬvD65 (d = 0.15 mm)91,7 %
Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion α (20 °C; 300 °C) (static measurement) 7,2 · 10-6 K-1
Transformation temperature Tg 557 °C
Dielectric constant εr at 1 MHz 6,7
Refractive index nD 1,5230
Refractive index ne 1,5255
Abbe value ve 55
Density ρ (annealed at 40 °C/h) 2,51 g/cm3
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