Glass Bottom Dishes

Types of WillCo-dish®es, both in various types and in TRANSPARENT, as well as in BLACK (All in: polystyrene).

Our Glass Bottom Dishes are available in 35 mm
. and 50 mm. outer diameter:

  • The 35 mm. dish is available, with an aperture of either 12 mm. or 22 mm.
  • The 50 mm. dish is available, with an aperture of either 30 mm. or 40 mm.


  1. A much larger effective range, when using an objective lens with a short working distance (WD).
  2. Because of the thin '170 micron selected (German) glass' bottom, there is no birefringence effect.
  3. Low rim/side wall of the "Series 5040" dish was originally designed, for micromanipulation/micro-injection.
  4. Higher effective N.A. creates brighter images (e.g. in fluorescence)
  5. Higher effective N.A. facilitates higher resolutions in image analysis (IMSI).
  6. Microscope light passes orthogonally through the bottom glass, with the glass resting flat on the stage.
  7. The warming-stage heats the glass directly and evenly, because the bottom glass is flush with the stage.
    This direct heating, ensures even distribution of the same temperature inside the dish, which is of major importance for
    your live cells!
  8. Black dishes, in a dark Microscopy Facility, clearly show the meniscus of the media/liquids in the dish.
  9. Black dishes, absorb more scattering (debris) light, than transparent dishes.
  10. In IVF, no more oocyte-/embryo transfer is needed from one plastic-/glass dish to another, unless different media
    are being used, which saves a lot of time.
  11. The Perfusion Chamber Insert allows easy perfusion in the glass bottom dish, for continuous in- and outflow of solutions.

After you have successfully performed an ICSI procedure or IMSI application, with the WillCo-dish® "Series GWST-5040" or
"Series GWST-5030", the dish shall not be placed - not ever - in an incubator, for more than one working day.

Always transfer the cells -/embryo's to a "certified all plastic" dish or in to a "certified all glass" dish, before placing them in an
incubator, for hatching.
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