Logistics, Dispatch and Shipping

Dear WillCo-dish®User, our most valued Customer!

For more than 16 years, we have focussed on our logistics and emphasized on our stock to be complete. And, on a quick dispatch and the quality of our shipping. There are several reasons
why you expect your WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes to arrive in your lab, as soon as possible.
One of them is, that you are eager to start your research - or clinical work, needing the WillCo-dish®-es for your microscopy -/imaging work. Another reason may well be, that you have made
the payment and just want to see, what you paid for. There are more, but what they have in common is, that they require proper logistics and a great shipper!

FedEx, our home-Courier:
We just want to be the best, when it comes to ensure our most valued Customers, to have excellent shipping conditions. 
WillCo Wells B.V. is proud, to provide you with a "most reliable partner", FedEx.  With our agreement with FedEx, we acquired the safest - and fastest means of transportation.
Your WillCo-dish®-es are in Memphis, TN, in one day only! US Customs decides, when to release your goods, but once they did, your goods are in your lab, in one or two days.
Your WillCo-dish®-es should reach your lab fast, if necessary, the next day. FedEx delivers world wide, according to our standards, as well as at a fair price!
In this case your choice is to have us taking care of your shipment, you will be charged in your invoice, NO MORE, than we pay according to our agreement, with FedEx.

Do you have a choice?
Sure, our most valued Customer decides! It is your choice, whether you want to enjoy the full service of our
(Ex Works) shipping conditions or, make a choice for your own (FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT) Courier.

Your own Courier:
When using your own Courier, in our on-line e-shop, the following information is mandatory:

1.:  The NAME, of your COURIER    (FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT, only).
2.:  Your INTERNATIONAL (!) ACCOUNT NUMBER, with this Courier.
3.:  Your PHONE NUMBER, at your shipping address.
7.:  The NAME of the RECIPIANT of your goods, at your shipping address.
8.:  State clearly, if you want an INSURANCE, for your goods shipped.

Our Staff at WillCo Wells B.V., will take very good care of your order and dispatch. We take care of Handling & Packaging, the applicable Documents, the Shipment Air Waybill and Dispatch.
Shipping of your WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes, we give the highest possible priority.

Return Shipments:
In the exceptional case, that we have shipped a 'Type/Ref.' of our WillCo-dish®-es to you that is different from the one(s) stated in your purchase order or if the packaging arrives damaged as
such, that it is to be expected that the products will be part of the damages or if there are (one or more) products not well manufactured, you are entitled to return these dishes at a 'no cost' basis,
from your side. WillCo Wells B.V. will in these cases instruct your local FedEx Officer, to pick your 'return goods' up from your location, at a date and time you provide to the local FedEx Officer,
when they contact you.

At your choice, we will immediately 'FedEx Priority' ship new WillCo-dish®-es or send you a 'credit note', to compensate for the invoice you have received.

Terms and conditions .... :
All our "Sale and Delivery", including all "Payment options" are according to our general terms and conditions of "Sale & Delivery", only!
We invite you to read our "terms and conditions ... " in this web site and we are only too happy to send them to you on your request, in writing.

                                                                                 ****  Terms and conditions   ****

"Sale & Delivery" terms, in very short:
All Sale and Delivery, is always: Ex Works, Ex Insurance cost, Ex Transport cost, Ex VAT 21% (Applicable within the European Union, only!), Ex all Customs fees, Ex all Im - & Export fees, Ex All
Payment - and/or Bank cost both in "Your Country", as well as in the Netherlands and Ex All Other Applicable Cost, which are Customer responsibility, only.

We trust to have you well informed concerning the aspects of "dispatch & shipping" of your precious goods, your WillCo-dish®-es, but please contact us again, if you have just any questions
and/or remarks left.

We are sure, that you will enjoy working with your WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes.

Your WillCo Wells B.V. - "Customer Service-Team".

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