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WillCo Wells B.V. has its origins in the operations of BioSoft International B.V., the second subsidiary of WillCo Beheer B.V. All these businesses are registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our offices and the production plant, they are in different locations. 

WillCo Wells B.V. was founded in November 1999 and is a "Besloten Vennootschap", which legal qualification comes closest to what a "Limited - Ltd" company represents, in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. WillCo Wells B.V. is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (Registration Number:
It is a privelege and we consider ourselves lucky, to have our offices in one of the surgery rooms, in the Surgery Department Building of the former Academical Medical Hospital, "Wilhelmina Gasthuis".
Managing Director, Owner & Founder: Will VEEN.

Design of the WillCo-dish®-es:
WillCo Wells B.V. originally started out producing round glass bottom dishes (50 x 9 mm) based on an existing design, which it had modified. Since then the company, Will Veen, has worked with professionals in 'Fertility & Infertility' and 'Cell and Tissue Culture' laboratories, to design a range of our own glass bottom dishes. The glass at the bottom of the dishes is either 0.14 mm. or 0.17 mm (Class #1, #1.5 or #1.5H - SELECTED) thick, making it possible to work with e.g. 0.17 mm. corrected lenses, thus at a very small Working Distance (WD).

The glass bottom is always flush with the microscope stage and the design of the WillCo-dish®-es reflects the value we attach to this. The major advantage of this is that the microscope light passes orthogonally through the glass bottom and there is no air-buffer between the warming-stage and the glass. It is of major importance for your live cels, to have an even distribution of the temperature all over the bottom of the dish.

Molds of the company’s own design, which are accurate to with
in 0.01 mm, are used to produce the polystyrene - and polycarbonate dishes."Clean room production' occurs in an ISO Class VII clean room. 
All dishes are gamma irradiated (EN 552) at Synergy Health Ede B.V. (a STERIS Company). All our WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes, are "For General Laboratory Use".

In the years ahead the WillCo-dish® range of products will be extended to include dishes of different types (rectangular containers and slides), with a variation in the thickness, as well as in surface flatness (ra = 0.01mm or 0.005mm).

FREE WillCo-dish®SAMPLES: 
Please feel free to test our WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes for your application for free, to ensure you have the perfect product for your precious cells. Shipping, by FedEx 'International Priority Service'  is also for free!


WillCo Wells B.V. supplies "WillCo-dish® glass bottom dishes" to Microscope (Core) Facilities in many Departments in Universities, to Medical Schools, (University -) Hospitals/- Clinics, Institutes for Medical research, Forensic Institutes, Pharmaceutical companies, I.V.F.-Centres/-Clinics, as well as to our well respected (non-exclusive) distributors
. The four major microscope manufacturers, Carl Zeiss, Leica Microsystems, Nikon and Olympus, are familiar with our WillCo-dish® products. They use our products during their congresses, meetings, shows, when demonstrating their high-end inverted microscopes and often supply our glass bottom dishes, to their own customers as well. Once more, all our WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes, are "For General Laboratory Use" (Not a Medical Device).

Web site (New improvements in 2017 and 2018):
We welcome you while visiting our web site < www.willcowells.com >, in which we inform you about our own products, as well as products from well respected 'third parties (since 2018). Next, there is information on purchasing - and ordering (e-shop), as well as payment guidelines, including delivery/expedition options by our International Courier, Federal Express.

Delivery - Corporate discount:
We ensure that our WillCo-dish® products are prepared quickly for delivery.
On our web site, you may choose for our courier (FedEx - we offer you to enjoy our shipping discount, with FedEx) or your own courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT, only). The "Ordering-form" will lead you directly to the part where "Shipping Information" is required, to ensure that your orders reach you in your laboratory, promptly.

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