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Dear Colleague, End-User, Distributor,

We at WillCo Wells B.V., we proudly present to you our new web site and welcome you, with the knowledge that you will not only find our Glass Bottom dishes, but also a lot of helpfull information. We very much value our relationship with our Customers 'End-Users', as well as with our well respected Distributors. We are here to serve you, to the best of our abilities and always looking for a longterm co-operation.

Distribution rights
All our very well respected Distributors of our dishes and tools, are 'Non-Exclusive' Distributors. In some cases, one of our Distributors is the only Distributor in a particular territory (Country or Countries), suggesting exclusive rights in that territory. However, we do not operate with 'Exclusive' Distribution Agreements, nor with Dealers. The reason is, that most companies selling single-use-products, are specialised in one - or two main Markets.
Our WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes, are dedicated to all inverted microscopes, to which glass bottom dishes are an important accessory. These are many and impossible to serve them all, by one ('exclusive') company.

Because we want our Distributors to be in the position to serve their local Customers immediately, we ask from our Distributors to have a minimum quantity of cases, in stock. We prefer this to be in a mix of different types, for our Distributors to be better prepared to ship incoming orders of any of our various types of WillCo-dish®es, immediately.

In case our Distributor does not have the dishes of your choice in stock, Customer always preserves the 'exclusive' right, to order either from the local Supplier, from a Supplier in another country or straight from WillCo Wells B.V. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
We deliver by FedEx, through our Corporate Discount Agreement. Discounts may go up, as far as 65%. And this service we offer you, is 'International Priority'; next day your WillCo-dish®es are in the U.S.A. or Asia. Two to three days to reach Customs, in Australia.

To both our End-Users, as well as to our Distributors, we will ensure a pleasant -, longterm - and mutually fruitful co-operation.

Your WillCo Wells B
.V. - Customer 'Service-Team'

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