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Dear Colleague,

We collect your photographs, great micro - as well as nano-images of your scientific work, when using our various types of
'transparent' or 'black'
WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes. Since 1998 thousands of images have been stored, of which we
appreciate to show a representation on this page.
We have just started in January, to look in to collecting your microscopy photographs, on to our new site.

We very much appreciate receiving the first photographs and approval, to place them on our 'Microscopy Photographs' page, soon.
Construction of a proper imaging data-base and page, is in progress.

We thank you for your co-operation and support!

Your WillCo Wells B.V. 'Customer Service-Team'

02-Actin + Keratin

02-Actin + Keratin  (Placed:  March 17, 2015).

In super-resolution imaging, of course the obtained precision is limited by any drift in the experimental setup. For these images, we
used a Leica SR-GSD super resolution microscope, that is engineered for extreme stability. In the Jalink lab, it was found that
the remaining drift in X, Y and Z was from a single source, namely, the conventional tissue culture dishes (from a variety of vendors)
that were used.

In collaboration with the Jalink lab, WillCo Wells B.V. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) therefore developed a special low-drift alternative,
aimed at the super-resolution community.
These low-drift Super-Resolution 'WillCo-dish®X-Cure' glass bottom dishes, were characterized in detail in the Jalink lab and showed
typical drift of < 30 nm in X and Y, and <60 nm in Z for a full hour, after allowing to settle for 20 minutes on the microscope.
For a typical image acquisition time of ~ 5 minutes, therefore, drift is expected to be significantly less than 5 and 10 nm in X/Y and Z,

Images, by Leila NahidiAzar M.Sc., who is in the Jalink Lab, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Kees Jalink & Laila NahidiAzar.
PI, cellbiophysics & advanced light microscopy group.
Dept of Cell Biology I
The Netherlands Cancer Institute.
Plesmanlaan 121, 1066CX Amsterdam - NL.

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