HBST-3522:  Transparent WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Dishes, 'Multi-unit' (20) packed in sleeves, 200 units in a case.

Dish size     :  35 x 10 mm.Glass bottom is always horizontal -, flat and flush with the warming stage.
Glass thickness :  Class #1.5 - 170 micron specially selected glass or
     Class #1.5 - 170 micron glass, 160 - 190 micron or
     Class #1.0 - 140 micron  (From 130 -160 micron).
     Class #0.0 - 100 micron  (From 80 - 120 micron), on special request, in writing.     
Surface Flatness    :  ar 0.01 mm., standard glass or
     ar 0.005 mm., specially selected glass.
Aperture :  Glass diameter, in dish bottom : 22 mm.
Volume :  500 mL., in glass aperture well.






NOTE:   WillCo-dish
®-es are all STERILE R (Gamma); sterile, until blister or sleeve, is opened or damaged.

HBST -3522

Transparent Glass Bottom Dishes, 'Multi-unit' packed in 10 sleeves of 20 units, 200 units in a case.
The diameter of the WillCo-dish® "Series HBST-3522" dish, is 35 mm., right below the "Safe Grip" ring/rim around the dish.
The "over all" diameter of the dish is 35.2 mm.

When positioned in a dish-holder, the "Safe Grip" ring/rim around the dish, will support and secure the dish in the holder, when
the right diameter (35.0 mm.) of the opening in the dish holder, is applied.

The WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes "Series 3522", with 22 mm. diameter glass opening, are the most popular among
Scientists, in general.
Inside the lid of the "Series 3522" dish (and "Series 3512" dish), there are three little vents, to lift the lid a little bit for evaporation.

NOTE: Microscope light passes orthogonally through the glass, the glass resting horizontal, flat, on the stage. The glass bottom
             is flat and always flush with the stage, to ensure that your cells stay in focus, when sample is moved.

1.:  The glass bottom of the WillCo-dish®-es, is always flush with the warming stage, a design which ensures that the
       warming-stage heats the glass directly and evenly, because there is no air-buffer between the glass bottom and the warming
       stage. This direct heating, ensures even distribution of the same temperature in the dish, which is of major importance for your
       live cells!

2.:  Another reason why it is very important that the glass bottom is flush with the warming stage is, because it ensures a
       horizontal, flat, coverslip bottom. This is of major importance for your imaging work (... to stay in focus!).


The WillCo-dish® "Series 3522" Glass Bottom dishes, we offer in the following packaging and types:

Blister-Pack :  GWST-3522 (Transparent)  and     GWSB-3522 (black) :  120 units per case. 
Pouch-Pack  :  HBST-3522  (Transparent)   and     HBSB-3522  (black) :  200 units per case. 
WillCo-dish*KIT :  KIT-3522       (Transparent)   and KIT-3522B    (black) :  500 'Do-It-Yoursef' units.


 We are sure you will very much appreciate this Glass Bottom (Cell-Culture -) Dish, to work with.

You will also save a lot of time and gain in quality of your microscopy - and imaging work.
The main reason for Scientists, to make a choice for the "Series 3522" dish, diameter 35 mm., is that they prefer the small dish,
but with the largest well (1 mm. x 22 mm. and volume 500 mL.), in the bottom of this dish.

Your WillCo Wells B.V. 'Customer Service-Team'


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