Dear Colleague,

We appreciate your interest in our company and the products we designed, manufacture and distribute, worldwide.

We are planning to expand our line of various types of 'High Tech' round WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes. Next, in 2019, with new moulds, we want to add a full line of various types of rectangular WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom Cell Culture Containers.

To be able to handle the challenges coming from this 'design -, development - and manufacturing' project and a little later the marketing - & sales force needed, we envision future cooperation with a cell biologist, with experience in 'sample preparation', as well as in high-end 'inverted' light (confocal) microscopy.

Applicant needs to have a few years of experience, in Marketing & Sales, to be able to work out strategies to expend our existing network, as well as to find new ways, to stimulate sales of our WillCo-dish® products.

We have an open mind, towards starting an office, in the United States.

Applicant has excellent social qualities, with a flexable character and is multi lingual, speaking and writing in English, fluently. It is of great advantage, if applicant speaks one or more other languages, such as e.g. German and Spanish.

Our website clearly shows the market(s) in which we are active, but please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions you may want to ask, before you make further plans.

We very much appreciate receiving your CV, including your motivation to apply for a job, to join us.


Will Veen, Managing Director/Owner.

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